What does a letter mean to your sponsored child?

What does a letter mean to your sponsored child? | World Vision Blog

World Vision staff hand out greeting cards to sponsored children in Bolivia. (Photo: 2015 Eugene Lee/World Vision)

What does a letter mean to your sponsored child?


Sound like an overstatement? It’s not.


I’ve seen a child in Malawi hold her sponsor’s letter in her hands as though it was the most precious treasure in her life. And for some children it may be, because a letter from their sponsor gives a child encouragement to learn to read and write, to believe they are valued and important, to think about the world beyond their own community, and to give them hope that they’ll have a future full of possibilities they never had before.

Sponsors do so much for children. Their donations make amazing things possible—like bringing opportunities for education and good health, and providing safety and protection. This support breaks the grip of poverty and injustice in a powerful and tangible way.

And while children experience these benefits, they don’t really understand how the complex work of community development is transforming their future. What a child wants is to learn about their sponsor—and to hear they are special and loved.

On a recent trip to Bolivia in March, I met two amazing women who see how emails, letters, and cards from sponsors change children’s lives. 

What does a letter mean to your sponsored child? | World Vision Blog
Children in Bolivia are excited to receive greeting cards! (Photo: 2015 Eugene Lee/World Vision)


Wonder if your note to your sponsored child will make a difference? See the answer in this video:

A quick, easy way to write to your sponsored child is to send them an email. Go to myworldvision.org/email to send a note today.

Sometimes, teenagers have been waiting longer for someone to sponsor them. Choose a teenager to sponsor today and help give them the tools they need to be successful!

New to World Vision child sponsorship? Learn more about how the program works, and choose a child to share love with today!

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