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Running with passion. Running with my soul | World Vision Blog

2016 Global 6K for Water in Chicago. (Photo: ©Gameface Media)

God wants us to live lives of endurance, running after him—running with passion and purpose.

See how walking or running our Global 6K for Water this spring is a great way to say yes to God’s call to run for him and “let justice roll on like a river!”


I’ve enjoyed running for nearly 20 years. But it wasn’t until I started running with Team World Vision that I truly fell in love with running. Hitting the pavement now means more than running for the sake of running. It’s about running with passion. Running with purpose. Running toward something and for something. It’s about not just running with my body, but running with my soul.

The Bible actually has a lot to say about running. One of the most well-known verses says:

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1, NIV).

God wants us to live lives of endurance, running after him—laying aside those things that hold us back, running hard, and loving strong. We have people of faith that have gone before us cheering us on, chanting, “Run! It’s worth it! Run! It’s worth it! Keep going!”

Interestingly, the Bible has even more to say about water. Throughout Scripture, water is synonymous with abundance, provision, and life. One of my favorite verses about water is Amos 5:24.

“But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (NIV).

When we think of justice, most of us cringe a little bit. The term “justice” is often misunderstood. But it goes hand in hand with a word we like more compassion. The best definition I have heard of biblical justice is “restoring things to the way they should be.” God wants justice rolling on like mighty river rapids: beautiful and powerful displays of his compassion for the broken, marginalized, and oppressed.

To really love God, to worship God, to be a person running after God means to act with compassion and justice in our lives. We are to be living lives—running hard—to become restorers of the way things should be.

I love being a part of Team World Vision, because I get to be among people that live out lives of deep compassion and justice. The people I get to spend time with are running, literally and figuratively, for a big, big purpose. They are chasing after God with their lives, seeking to restore things to the way they should be for children around the world that have no access to any source of clean water near their homes.

Each of us can stand up and say “yes” to being a restorer of justice to the world around us. By partnering with World Vision, you have an incredible opportunity to leave a legacy of river-rushing justice. A great starting point is the World Vision Global 6K for Water on May 6. Your registration fee will provide one more child in Africa or another part of the world with lasting clean, safe water. One more child won’t have to be afraid of dying from simply trying to satisfy their basic need for water.

So I’d like to invite you into the deep water, to take your first step, and to run with both your soles and your soul. Register today!

Haley Bodine blogs at Haley M. Bodine.

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