Our top five blogs of 2015

Our top five blogs of 2015 | World Vision Blog

In 2015, our bloggers brought you stories live from Armenia and Cambodia; we featured guests like Max Lucado and Debbie Macomber; we covered crises that included Syrian refugees, the Nepal earthquake, and South Sudan; and we featured fiction for the first time during the holidays!

We’ve loved it all … which were your favorites? Find out below!


#5: “This simple action could change the world”

Our top five blogs of 2015 | World Vision Blog

In August, blogger Stephanie May Wilson traveled with us to Cambodia not only to visit many families who still face dire needs there, but also to see what it takes for World Vision to declare, “Our work here is done.” Her discovery on this trip gave Stephanie goose bumps (even in the heat!), and unearthed one simple action that could change the world.


#4: “The problem with a breadless Gospel”

Our top five blogs of 2015 | World Vision Blog

Blogger and pastor Jarrid Wilson joined us in Armenia last winter, experiencing the brutal winter that many rural families in the north have to face with very little to keep them warm and fed. On that trip, Jarrid saw firsthand how a Gospel of action is necessary … and directly in line with the example that Jesus’ life set for us.


#3: “Follow the Goats 3: Mongolian family”

Our top five blogs of 2015 | World Vision Blog

Last month, our Christmas campaign featured a fiction series: a travelogue by William “Grampa” Goat as he and his grandkid Billy traveled to Mongolia, Burundi, and Zambia to explore how goats make a difference as part of World Vision communities. Meeting Dulamsuren and her family in Mongolia was one of the highlights for Billy and Grampa, and it was a fan favorite, too!


#2: “Nepal Earthquake: Up close and personal”

Our top five blogs of 2015 | World Vision Blog

When a 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal last April, by chance some of our colleagues were there in the midst of it for a conference. Almost overnight, Matt Stephens was able to send us this eyewitness account and photos of the devastation as well as his perspective on World Vision’s initial relief efforts.


#1: “Our mother died because she ran too slow”

Our top five blogs of 2015 | World Vision Blog

Our top stories each year often balance heartbreak with hope. Last year, our number-one blog (by far) was “Protection through pierced ears in Uganda.” In this piece, Kari Costanza told the story of a family’s loss of a child to witch doctors who sacrifice children, but balanced that story with the amber alert system that World Vision helped create that has already begun to bring abducted children home.

This year, that balance is similar. In 2015, Kari wrote about a family of four siblings, now orphaned by the conflict in South Sudan. One of them said: “Our mother died because she ran too slow.” This tale of heartbreak is balanced with hope because World Vision staff were able to contact an uncle and keep these children as part of a family, keeping their dreams for the future alive.

Tell us below: which of these stories—or another that didn’t make the list—was your favorite from 2015?

Start off 2016 with a commitment to a better world. Sponsor a child today and change a life for good!

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