Our top 6 blog posts of 2016

Our top 6 blog posts of 2016 | World Vision Blog

Photo: ©World Vision/photo by Ralph Baydoun

From the Syrian Refugee Crisis to our Dominican Republic bloggers trip, from a love story in Honduras to a child sacrificed by witchdoctors in Uganda (but 8 others saved), 2016 was a dynamic year for our blog!

Which posts were your favorite? See our top 6 from 2016…


#1: "His Sister's Keeper: Protecting Kids from Child Sacrifice"

Our top 6 blog posts of 2016 | World Vision Blog
9-year-old David and his 4-year-old sister Sharon. (Photo: ©2016 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)


On a day in late August, our writer Kari Costanza was in Uganda when 6-year-old Trevor's body was discovered. He had been sacrificed by witchdoctors. Kari wrote this stunning blog post that same night, offering prayers for Trevor's mother and describing the Amber Alert program World Vision has established in this community, which has already brought 8 other children back after their abductions. These 8 children include Sharon (shown above with her brother David), who is safe today because David got help and the community knew what to do. Read our top post from 2016, which set a record for visits to our blog in one day.


#2: "12 Steps to a Deeper Relationship with Your Sponsored Child"

Our top 6 blog posts of 2016 | World Vision Blog
Rachel Teodoro meeting her sponsored child in Uganda. (Photo: ©Rachel Teodoro)


What if the best New Year's resolution you can make isn't even about you? A year ago, blogger Rachel Teodoro wrote a 12-step guide that outlines monthly fun and creative ways that will help you build a deeper relationship with the child you sponsor throughout the year! This post will help you take that joy you felt when you first sponsored your child and strengthen it, making it last year-round.


#3: "Christ First, America Second"

Our top 6 blog posts of 2016 | World Vision Blog
Rich Stearns visits a settlement for displaced families in Erbil, northern Iraq. (Photo: ©2016 World Vision/photo by Kari Costanza)


As we celebrated Independence Day weekend, our president Rich Stearns blogged about how Christians are called to be citizens of Christ first. God has blessed our nation, but for Christians those blessings come with a purpose: mercy and justice. Read about the priorities that our faith commands.


#4: "Three Refugee Sisters"

Our top 6 blog posts of 2016 | World Vision Blog
Photo: ©World Vision/photo by Ralph Baydoun


This powerful photo inspired our #4 blog post: Taking advantage of the sunlight after a cold night, three inseparable sisters sit next to their tent, playing and getting warm in the sun. Six-year-old Aaliya (in red), 4-year-old Hasna (in black), and 1-year-old Amal are Syrian refugees living in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Hasna paints her fingernails with dust mixed with water while Aaliya holds their infant sister in a blanket to keep her warm. “I take good care of them,” Aaliya says. “I’m the eldest, and my father told me to take care of my sisters.”

Photographer Ralph Baydoun writes of this moment: "The only toy these three sisters had was an empty bottle filled with mud. It was heartbreaking to see these little girls finding comfort from something as little as mud."


#5: "Living to Love"

Our top 6 blog posts of 2016 | World Vision Blog
Photo: ©2016 World Vision/photo by Laura Reinhardt


In Honduras, Gennri and Marisol’s love story is a perfect example of how World Vision's work to create opportunities is giving people a reason to find hope in their home communities and to stay, rather than emigrating. Worldwide, about 60 million people are refugees or displaced from their homes, and many of them are from Central America, fleeing violence and poverty. But new economic opportunities like the coffee business we helped Gennri and Marisol start are letting hope and love flourish!


#6: "8 Stories That Fed My Soul in the Dominican Republic"

Our top 6 blog posts of 2016 | World Vision Blog
Food blogger Melissa Bailey visits children in the DR. (Photo: ©2016 World Vision/photo by Eugene Lee)


Food blogger Melissa Bailey (Hungry Food Love) grew up in the Dominican Republic, and returned to her homeland with our World Vision Bloggers last April! Take a tour of eight stories she experienced that nourished her soul, and the top five things she learned about World Vision.

Start off 2016 with a commitment to a better world. Sponsor a child today and change a life for good!

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