Our top five blogs of 2014

Our top five blogs of 2014 | World Vision Blog

(Photo: 2011 Jon Warren/World Vision)

From stories about emergency responses like South Sudan, Iraq, and the U.S. Border … to guest bloggers like Rich Stearns, Matthew Paul Turner, and Eugene Cho … to one story that’s been read more than 50,000 times, it’s been quite a year!

See which five were your favorites.


#5: “The longevity of World Vision water wells”

Our top five blogs of 2014 | World Vision Blog
(Photo: 2014 Dr. Greg Allgood/World Vision)


In September, the UNC Water Institute released a new scientific study that shows that World Vision water wells continue to flow for decades. But not because the wells function better. They keep flowing for so much longer than usual because World Vision teaches the people living in the communities where that water is needed how to repair the wells when they break!


#4: “Everything”

Our top five blogs of 2014 | World Vision Blog
Hamze, 8, a refugee in Lebanon, answers the question, "What do you miss about home?" (Photo: 2014 Nicholas Ralph/World Vision)


Early in 2014, the Syrian Refugee Crisis was a big topic on our blog. We explored the question, Why should Christians care about Syria? and featured a story about how Bath time brings tears, but the top piece about Syria and our 4th top post of the year was this boy’s one-word answer when asked what he misses about home.


#3: “From asthmatic couch potato to crazy runner”

Our top five blogs of 2014 | World Vision Blog
(Photo: Daniel Carver)


Last summer, thousands of you cheered on Daniel Carver through this story of perseverance in the face of fear. Daniel’s journey took him from being an “asthmatic couch potato” – overweight and fighting for every breath when he tried to run – to being a Team World Vision runner!

He’s lost 45 pounds and run over a thousand miles, achieving his crazy goals one step at a time.


#2: “Under the big tree”

Our top five blogs of 2014 | World Vision Blog
A World Vision savings group meets in Tanzania. (Photo: 2014 Jon Warren/World Vision)


A year ago, a father in Tanzania was planning to sell his 6-year-old daughter into a very early marriage. She ran to the principal of her school, outside of which a World Vision community savings group was gathered under a big tree.

When the community group heard about the marriage plans, they stood together and said, “No” … and the marriage was stopped! Our staff writer Kari Costanza was there to see this child protected.


#1: “Protection through pierced ears in Uganda”

Our top five blogs of 2014 | World Vision Blog
3-year-old Sharon in Uganda wears an earring to protect her from child sacrifice. (Photo: 2014 Jon Warren/World Vision)


Since March, our top post of the year has been read more than 50,000 times!

In Uganda, the practice of child sacrifice is a real danger. Our readers fell in love with 3-year-old Sharon (shown above) who wears an earring – a blemish that may keep her safe from the witch doctors.

In Sharon’s community, World Vision staff launched a new amber alert system for when children are taken … and it’s already bringing them home!


Tell us below: which of these stories – or another that didn’t make the list – was your favorite from 2014?

Start of 2015 with a commitment to a better world. Sponsor a child today and change a life for good!


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