Our blog is moving!

Our blog is moving! | World Vision Blog

Photo: ©2004 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren


Toward the end of May, we began the process of transitioning the World Vision Blog over to a brand new site … to become housed within the worldvision.org website's News & Stories!

You'll now find all of our new content (and eventually all of your old favorites) at the new URL:


Here are a few of our recent blog posts on the new site in case you missed them…

May 24, 2017: Food crisis in Kenya: 5 signs of hunger I’ve never seen

The East Africa food crisis is monstrous: affecting 25 million people and showing up in ways our writer and photographer team have never before seen. Today, our writer — Kari Costanza — gives you a first-hand snapshot of five ways that hunger is changing the lives of people in Turkana, Kenya.

June 11, 2017: In the shadow of a broken shrine: Child labor in Nepal

In 2015, World Vision staffer Matt Stephens was in Nepal during the devastating earthquake. Two years later, he returns to witness how the disaster is impacting children and leading to a rise in hazardous child labor.

June 27, 2017: The cost of hunger: A story that needs to change

Meet 9-month-old Akusi in Kenya. During the hunger crisis she has become severely malnourished. She’s receiving treatment, but her weight is still dropping.


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