[Podcast] Our role in God's story: Agents of reconciliation

Our role in God's story: Agents of reconciliation | World Vision Blog

Leaders of World Vision Armenia's youth program present their creative initiatives to help build their community. (Photo: 2015 Matthew Paul Turner)

Today is our last day in Armenia. From the hopelessness of poverty to the joy and wholeness that child sponsorship brings to communities, families, and children, we've explored the full impact of World Vision's work here in the land of Noah.

Join us today for a podcast live from Armenia! The latest episode of That God Show brings you the stories of the families we just visited, and how we play a role in God's big story.


With the latest episode of the That God Show podcast, Benjamin L. Corey and Matthew Paul Turner come to you live from Armenia!

Coming off some moving experiences witnessing the work being done by World Vision in this part of the world, join us in an exploration of what it means to discover our place in God's grand story of reconciliation.



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