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GIK and development programming

In our ongoing series on Gifts-in-kind (GIK), today’s post covers how GIK resource fits into the broader work of community development programming. Specifically we’ll look at:

* Uses of GIK, including as match for grants
* Standards for managing GIK
* Evaluations of projects with direct provision of goods

Uses of GIK

World Vision operates in nearly 100 countries with 1,600 development programs and 1,200 sector projects that integrate education, health, economic development, advocacy, microfinance, agriculture, and water and sanitation. Our programs go through intensive assessments and planning, beginning with a country macro-assessment and strategy and continuing with local area assessments, a comprehensive design document, baseline survey, and regular audits and evaluations. These steps follow World Vision’s design, monitoring, and evaluation (DME) methodology and tools, which are all available online.

Program assessments and designs lead to planning processes....

Are you an ‘ageist’?

Any of us would be horrified to be accused of being a racist — someone who has a hatred or intolerance of another race. But I actually think that many of us are ‘closet ageists’ — people who discriminate against persons of a certain age group — especially when it comes to children and youth.

Most often, the term ‘ageist’....

The financial costs and benefits of sending a shirt overseas

In our ongoing series on the topic of Gifts-in-Kind and how that resource fits into the broader work of community development, we recently posted responses to Response to GIK discussion and 100,000 reasons to love the Super Bowl. Continuing that conversation, today’s post covers the questions raised by a number of people, including Saundra Schimmelpfennig and William Easterly, on the financial costs and benefits of shipping shirts and the utility of those shirts to recipients. Specifically we are addressing the following topics:

* The cost of getting a shirt to a recipient
* The value of a similar shirt in the recipient’s local clothing market compared with the costs for shipping a donated shirt
* Whether the beneficiaries World Vision serves would rather receive the shirt or the cash equivalent to the cost of sending that shirt to them

Calculating the cost of getting a shirt to a recipient....

Presidents Day: A reminder for citizen action

Today is Presidents Day. I hope you will join me in viewing this holiday as much more than simply an extra day off. Today should be used to reflect upon what has made American presidents great. Often, it’s courage under fire, steadfast leadership in times of controversy or crisis, or uniting the country across many of our deepest divisions...

Cartoon wisdom

One of my eccentric hobbies is discovering theological insights from animated cartoons. A favorite is “Road Runner.” The dastardly coyote is always devising ever-more fantastic means to capture the elusive bird, but his wicked schemes invariably and hilariously backfire, causing maximum pain and humiliation for the coyote....

Basic overview of World Vision’s strategy and structure and our U.S. GIK operations

This post was written in response to Response to GIK discussion, and 100,000 reasons to love the Super Bowl

The intent of this post is to provide a basic overview of World Vision’s strategy and structure and our U.S. GIK operations. Over the following week we will address the following key issues:

* The financial costs and benefits of sending GIK overseas.
* The use of GIK in development programming.
* Evaluations of projects with direct provision of goods, including GIK.
* Standards for GIK implementation and accounting, including fair market value calculations
* The influence of overhead rate calculations on organizational decisions.
* The use of GIK as grant match.

World Vision’s strategy and structure

In 2006 World Vision went through a process of refining our strategy.....

The best Valentine's Day card

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day card for the one you love can be something of a challenge. As a publishing professional, I'm more than a bit choosy about the design, graphics, and message. I'm always looking for a card that contains just the right words and design that convey something heartfelt in a special way. I love the idea of touching my husband's heart with...

My liver's new home

Editor's note: I have the privilege of communicating with World Vision supporters every day, and I am constantly amazed and humbled by their larger-than-life hearts, generosity, and desire to truly make a difference in our world. Many of them are parents, athletes, or students — donors and beneficiaries of charitable work in this country and others. About a year ago, I stumbled upon a blog post from Amanda, a World Vision sponsor, Caregiver Kit assembler, and living organ donor to her stepson. She has rewritten her post here. As her story has encouraged and reminded me of the power of great faith, I hope it does the same for you.

I am a wife, stepmom, second-grade teacher, and woman of faith. On April 26, 2010, I was blessed to be a living donor for my 17-year-old stepson’s liver transplant.

Response to GIK discussion

This post was written in response to 100,000 reasons to love the Super Bowl

Dear Readers:

Well, after spending the past three days talking with World Vision staff in international programs, corporate engagement and gifts-in-kind operations, I can tell you that your criticisms and comments have sparked some good internal discussion within the organization.

I would like to provide some additional specifics.....

100,000 reasons to love the Super Bowl

Maybe you were one of the 151 million people to watch the Green Bay Packers victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in yesterday’s Super Bowl XLV. If you’re not a sports fan, surely you still enjoyed the cheeseburger sliders, nachos, great commercials, and good time with friends and family. Certainly, there is nothing quite like American football ...

Football frenzy: A super (bowl) success

On Sunday, many of us will be tuning in to watch the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers compete in Super Bowl XLV. The Super Bowl is always one of the most-watched events of the year, and I’m looking forward to gathering with friends to watch the game — and the commercials. But when I watch the big game this weekend, my mind will...

A better tomorrow for today's children

This time of year always prompts me to reflect on our work with youth and community development. I'm reminded of two lines from the famous "I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., back in 1963. Every year, I read or listen to that speech; and each time, those words come alive in my heart. At some point in my life, they became my...